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Mac envy

About 2 weeks ago one of my colleagues in the London office bought himself a Apple Powerbook laptop as his current Sony Vaio died (bye bye hard drive). So they're been pottering away at getting the machine connection to the network and setting up email and printer access.

Most of it has gone well and they've made the transition from Outlook PST to Entourage 2004 quite well. Printing is still an issue but thats work in progress and I am sure it will be sorted out soon. But the guy is really happy with his purchase and it's gotten my brain spinning.

So off I went to bug Bryn to get me PearPC so that I could do a few experiments. Now I've got a fully functioning Panther installation on my Windows XP PC. Quite amazing! And now I've been caught up in the beauty of MacOS X. Wow is the only real word that describes it. And since it's got *nix underneath you've got a wealth of software available.

Now I'm really thinking about getting a Mac. Would I be able to move over to the world of MacOS X? Think I should but I need to start listing what programs I use and see what alternatives might be available. My only real option would be an iBook as I don't want a Mac Mini and cannot afford a Powerbook. Something portable would definitely be better as I could then make it my main machine.

Maybe I can sell off my old P4 - wonder what I might be able to get for that.

Anyone else out there convert over from Windows to Mac?