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Wireless Office

Dragged my Linksys 802.11b router (BEFW11S4) into the office today to check out the signal strength in the office. Pleased to find out that it works 100% throughout the building and the worst spot is the server room where it gets 3 bars. Ah the joys of paper walls :)

Unfortunately at home the minute you step outside the IT room the signal drops to around 3 bars and then when you enter the lounge it's down to 1 bar and almost unusable.

Now we just need to grab Access Point (look at this one) and then we should be able to have wireless internet here all the time in the office. So nice to be able to take the laptop and wonder around the office while staying connected!

What would really make it great is if you could get a mini GSM base station installed so that your cellphone logged onto that and you were able to make/receive calls via the PABX.

Anyway back to work now!