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The thrill of new things

We managed to drag ourselves away from the house today which is saying something. You see at the moment it's quite stormy outside and the wind is blowing like crazy. It would seem that winter has definitely moved in faster that we expected.

But we got ready and start the trek off to Cavendish. We've not really been out shopping much since we arrived here so it was quite exciting. South Africa is definitely worlds ahead of the United Kingdom when it comes to shopping malls. While we were there we never found anything that really rivalled what Canal Walk, Cavendish and The Waterfront can offer. Granted we might have had limited experience but the best that we found was the Whitgift centre in Croydon (yuck!).

Amazingly enough the weather on the other side of the world (aka over Ou Kaapse Weg) was much better than what Fish Hoek has to offer. Definitely need to move out from this area!!!

Strolled around and browsed in Truworths, Identity, Markham, YDE (Young Designers Emporium) and Woolworths. The staff in the shop really are so friendly and willing to go out of their way to help you. Amazing to experience that compared to the service that you get in the UK.

Ended up spending around R1000 but that included a stop by Mugg & Bean (who can resist!). So now we've got some snazzy new clothes :)

Foreigners really must enjoy the shopping experience here in South Africa. Friendly people and an exchange rate that is hard to resist!