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Backup Strategy

I've been trying to work out a backup strategy for home use and I'm still not to sure what to do. While in the UK we bought a external USB hard drive casing (for use with either a HDD or CDROM drive) 160GB IDE drive which we were backup up files from each of our PCs.

So once a week we would back our files up to the device and that would be that. In fact my PC actually had most of its content such as My Documents stored on Andy's machine so in fact it was mostly just Andy's machine that we would backup.

But since being back in South Africa I've been neglecting the backups and that's really not good :P Now with the JVC Camcorder there is even more data to backup and we're running out of space.

We've actually got to buy Andy a 250GB HDD so that he can get on with video editing. At the moment he's got a 5400rpm 80GB drive which is now full and rather slow!

So I was thinking that there would be three areas:

That's the ideas so far - still not sure what would be best but it will be good to get back into that routine.