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In one of my moments of the "must-have-this-application" I decided that I wanted something to sync my Firefox bookmarks to a website. Or actually anything that would let me access my bookmarks from anywhere.

Little bit of searching and I had found something that was quite

The first link that I came across was an article from maczealots on describing the service. And I was like wow! This could really be the answer for the plugin that I was looking for. seems to have some nice API hooks to retrieve the items that you've put in there so I could integrate that into Wordpress without too much hassle.

Andy passed along a link to stumbledupon which he really likes. Toolbars are available for most browsers/operating systems. I still have to give it a go but I still like the idea of a bit more - most because they're quite open with their system.

So now I've got the long process of populating it with my bookmarks - keep checking my site for updates.