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Canal Walk

Never knew that wanting to spend money could be so tiring. We popped on over to Canal Walk today to buy a new VCR as our current one is somewhat unreliable. It's been getting worse and worse in that no matter what you do (like switching it on!) results in it switching off and displaying "ERR" on the screen.

So this represents somewhat of an annoyance especially when you rely on it to tape things! So we got as new Samsung one from Game in Canal Walk ... but my god let us never go out when things are this busy again. It was so hectic - don't want to experience that again.

Gone are the days when we remember Canal Walk being so nice and quiet! Anyway here's two pictures of the Food Hall at the mall.

/2005/05/29/canal-walk/IMAGE_063.jpg /2005/05/29/canal-walk/IMAGE_064.jpg