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Microsoft - A *real* company

The title does sound odd as how can a company not be "real"? What I am really trying to get at is that a while ago Microsoft seemed like this entity out there that did not care about the general security and was all round ignorant of what was going on. Harsh I know but that is what I felt. But now with articles such as Microsoft's Security Response Center: How Little Patches Are Made and with Microsoft employee's blogging you really do begin to see the company in a different light.

It's made up of people just like you and me who have strong opinions and ideas on how things should be. Who would ever have thought that Microsoft employee's looked elsewhere at what was out there and were able to criticise their own products.

I for one really think that the blogging phenomenon has forever changed the way people look at Microsoft (in a good way!). There are real people working there whom you can trust - they really are not like the borg!