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Conversion in progress

My 12" iBook arrived thus morning and I wasted no time plugging it in and starting the exploring. And what a really cool day with the Mac it's been. Gosh these things are just amazing - the amount of thought and effort that has gone into everything is amazing. You won't realise this until you actually sit down and work on a machine.

I ordered an extra 256MB of RAM with the machine but Bryn soon took that out and put in a 512MB that was sitting in my Windows laptop. That should speed this up a bit now that I've got 768MB. Odd how Apple does it as the iBook has 256MB of memory in by default and you get one slot to upgrade with.

Tiger is awesome! All the eye candy is totally amazing ... Dashboard, Expose, everything! But now comes the hard task of trying to get all of the my data from the PC across. At least I've got the weekend for that.

More updates to follow soon :)