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Mac OS X 10.4.3 Update

Apple I want to thank you for the recent 10.4.3 update that you unleashed to the world. Since having switched over to OS X with my iBook I have been experiencing two rather annoying problems that were starting to drive me crazy.

The first one had to do with multiple profiles on my iBook. Now I really do prefer to keep my work and personal stuff separate (especially since I use Apple Mail in each profile) that I went and created two profiles. Of course during the day I will switch between the two checking email and such. Unfortunately (and it seems quite random) after a certain number of switches the screen would get this horrible blue tint to it. Nothing I did could remove it, other than a reboot.

Then there was the issue of the login box not appearing after the machine woke up. This only happened when the iBook was plugged into the TV (using the Apple TV adapter) and left too long that it went to sleep. You could then start the iBook up but there would be no login box and anything you did, such as pressing keys, just resulted in a series of beeps. Of course that required a power down to restore - thereby losing work.

But these issues have been resolved! So my life with Apple and my iBook should be a little less frustrating.