I’m : a web and mobile developer based in the Manning Valley, Australia.

Business Plans

If you know me then you'll be familiar with the fact that I like money. Some people might say that there is something wrong with that but it's the way I am. Perhaps it's the Jewish blood in me from my mom's side of the family. But I digress!

Google AdSense has been working quite well since my technology blog received it's maker back in August. Since then I've just completed making the minimum amount needed for payment which should be winding it's way to me late January. Now I'm wanting to increase my AdSense revenue and have launched a new blog. If you are looking for news on Voice Over IP then be sure to check out for all the news you need.

Since VoIP is such a hot topic and keyword bidding on AdWords is quite high I might be able to bring in a bit from that. Andy is also having a go with a cool site which you can find out at listing the ultra weird and wonky people, creatures and places.

Hopefully the combination of these sites should result in a good return. I just need to sort out some affiliate links for so that I can start reviewing products and making them available to visitors to purchase.