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Apple Expose to the max

I was watching the CES 2006 keynote by Bill Gates and was quite interested in the demonstrations of Windows Vista they were giving. More specifically on the tabbed browsing features Internet Explorer 7 will be introducing. The demonstration showed the user opening up a few tabs in IE7 then then going to what I will term a "tab overview" page which listed (realtime) thumbnails of the pages that were open in the tabs.

Now this becomes immediately useful as a way to quickly browse and see if the sites that you opened are what you actually want. But this can be taken a step further, at least on Mac OS X 10.4 that is. Since Apple introduced Mac OS X Tiger we were given the wonderful functionality of Dashboard, fast access to nifty widgets, and Expose, allowing you to access any open window with a single keystroke, which have made life quite a bit easier for managing applications and windows.

By pressing F9 on your Mac Expose will instantly, and in real time, tile all your open windows and scales them down and neatly arranges them so you can see what's in every single one. Pressing F10 results in Expose instantly tiling all of your open windows in whatever particular application you were in when you press F10 while causing all of the open windows of other applications to fade to a delightful shade of grey.

Let's take a step back to the tab feature of IE7. When going to the "tab overview" page you're present with very small thumbnails of the pages. Now because they're small they're don't give you a very good representation of the content on the page.

When Safari on my Mac is open and I press F10 I just get a single Expose'd view of what I originally had on my screen. What Apple should really do is bring up an Expose window of all your tabs that are open when you press F10. That way I will be able to get a brilliant overview of what I currently have open in Safari. And it really should not matter whether or not that content is open in a tab or not. I would just like an overview of all open pages which I can click on and either be taken to the particular tab or to the instance of Safari.

Now how brilliant would that be? So Apple what do you say to this? Perhaps include this in Mac OS 10.5 for us!