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Back to London (Again)

And before you knew it we were back in London again. We arrived on Friday the 19th January 2007 being most fortunate to fly Business class on SAA. And wow what a difference it makes! Can't even imagine what first class must be like ...

Right now we are back in Sutton again as it's a place we know and we were able to organise a flat there before we arrived.We had even purchased our TV, bed, PC and groceries online for delivery on the day we landed. Unfortunately Argos managed to mess up and forgot to deliver the TV and our bed was lacking two bolts.So for the moment we are left sleeping on the floor on the mattress.

Starting to get settled now but the pangs for Cape Town are strong. I know that we felt exactly the same way when we return from the UK to Cape Town - weird but one just needs time to adjust.

The weather was fine over the weekend but decided to turn quite cold for my first week of work. Working in London is definitely not fun from a commuting point as it takes forever to get into the office. And the number of people that make use of the train/tube during rush hour is truly incredible. A typical journey seems to take 80 minutes door to door (one way). Need to find something productive to do during that wasted time. Too bad one hardly ever even gets to sit on the tube/train.

We've had Sky installed at home and are now just waiting on BT to enable our Sky broadband. Perhaps once our items we shipped over from South Africa arrive we will start to feel a little more at home. Heck even a couch would go a long way to helping with that!

But this move is for the best and we really do need to keep in mind why we did it. And being involved in the armed robbery at the Lakeside Spar definitely helped force the decision. We were happy here before and I have no doubt we can be again. It all (unfortunately) just takes time.