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Frozen London

Just after walking out the front door on my way out this morning I was shocked to see snow a white landscape before me. Amazingly there was a somewhat large snowfall overnight. It was early enough that most of the snow was still crisp and even as most people had not yet ventured out.

The snow covered most of the South East including central London, something that is not very common at all. Even at my offices in Hammersmith were white. Unfortunately the beauty was masking a horrible surprise as trains and tube lines were completely disrupted. Passengers were greeted with delays of between 30 and 50 minutes causing complete chaos.

I was at the station by 07h30 intending to have a nice early day but only arrived at Victoria at 08h40. Only double the usual time ;-) Trying to make use of the Victoria Tube Line was a nightmare and there was a queue of people 250m long waiting to try and get in.

Transport for London, in an effort to try and control the number of people, had decided to close up the tube station for 5 minutes at a time. Once the number of people inside was reduced the gates were opened for a minute to allow other commuters in.

Was the snow worth it? Definitely! It's not often that one gets to see a white London and the view from home this morning was breathtaking. Now if only the British transport system could become just a little bit more hardy!