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Customer Service, or lack thereof

It's amazing what passes for Customer Service at times, let's take my run-in with Three UK this evening. With my contract up for renewal in April I wanted to hand in my notice and port out of them over to O2. To be fair I think today is 36 days before the contract ends so I am a bit early but wanted to get things sorted out.

So I phone up and the IVR has changed slightly prompting me for my phone number which I thought was odd. CLID anyone? After navigating through 4 levels I eventually get through to someone. I explained that I wanted to port out and was informed that I was a 'valuable customer' and they wanted to retain me. I declined but still had to listen through the agent trying to offer me different plans / options to stay. No no no thank you. Then she checks my account says (which I totally agree with) that it was currently too early to hand in the notice.

I've no problem with that so then asked if I could leave my request on the system and have it actioned on whatever date it needed to be done. No - you have to call in on the exact date. Okay, can someone from 3 contact me to get this done on the day. No - you have to call in. Right, so what happens if I'd sent my request in writing and it arrived 36 days before it could be actioned, would you send it back? No - you have to call in on the exact date.

Yeah thanks that's really useful - sounds like you've got a team who care and don't like to make things difficult for the customer. Can't wait to leave you.