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Odd Zend_Service_Twitter issue

While fiddling with Zend_Service_Twitter this evening I wanted to check and see if my error checking was correct. So I cleared out my twitter password and ran this script. How worried was I when it ran without errors. Further down the line it retrieves a tweet using $twitter->status->show() which worked. I'm using Zend Framework 1.9.6

    $twitter_username = 'phiali';
    $twitter_password = '';

    // First thing we'll do is verify our details
    logit('Attempting login for ' . $twitter_username . ' using ' . $twitter_password);
    $twitter  = new Zend_Service_Twitter($twitter_username, $twitter_password);
    $response = $twitter->account->verifyCredentials();

    if (!$response) {
        logit('The supplied credentials are invalid');

The output from the actual script in question is:

    2009-12-12 20:19:07 Attempting login for phiali using
    2009-12-12 20:19:07 Loaded 1 tweets from phiali_archive.json
    2009-12-12 20:19:08 User has 100 entries
    2009-12-12 20:19:08 Requesting entries for page 1
    2009-12-12 20:19:11 Attempting to archive 190 tweets
    2009-12-12 20:19:11 Requesting tweet 6571228275
    2009-12-12 20:19:11 Deleting tweet 6571228275
    2009-12-12 20:19:13 Saving tweets to archive which now contains 1 tweets

Where are the login credentials being cached? Hmm well my Twitter account has now been locked out because of too many failed login attempts. Definitely a caching issue with this then.