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A better podcast app

With the release of iOS 8 beta 2 we learned that Apple's podcast app is now baked into the system and will, for many, mean it'll take a trip to that special Apple-only folder we've got for such apps. Some are worried what this will mean for 3rd party apps but Marco summarises this nicely:

If is always installed and not deletable... it’s not that different from before. Make a better podcast app, and you’re fine.

Apple sets a very low bar for the competition so isn't hard to make something better. Their app might be fine for those who want something simple but you just have to compare the screenshots from my iPhone, the truth of my podcast listening status, with that of the iPad, and you'll see that there's an insane amount of scope for improvement. Sync is hard but this is the general state of podcast syncing for me using their app and it gets even worse if you throw iTunes into the mix.

So fear not, this change will undoubtedly bring in new customers once they realise they want something more (or something that works).