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UltraViolet down under

2015 is on the horizon and, at least for those of us in Australia, trying to watch our legal digital content is still a massive pain.

Australia gained access to UltraViolet sometime in 2013 and, despite us having "supported" devices in the house, trying to get the content onto your TV is nigh on impossible.

Flixster can link with your UltraViolet account and you're able to watch your content on your mobile device which is great. Except you're more likely to want to make use of that big 40" TV in the lounge. Of course if you're in Australia (or anywhere that isn't the US) Flixster says no to Chromecast and Xbox 360 support.

Australian retailers are selling UltraViolet media, we're allowed to redeem to our virtual lockers, yet we're told we can't (easily) watch it on anything but a mobile device or computer. Why are we still suffering through silly decisions like this?