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NBN Co to grow fixed wireless footprint

NBN are growing the fixed wireless footprint by up to 72 800 homes. However, given the lack of investment in the current towers, I worry that more and more users will experience excessive congestion during peak hours.

This weekend, as has been the case since I've been with NBN, my 50Mbps down/20Mbps up plan maxed out at 5.25Mbps down and 4.99Mbps up. NBN have apparently been aware of the issue for well over a year but a) think there is no issue and b) aren't too interested in fixing anything.

The NBN is meant provide all Australians with a minimum of 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up yet even where the service has been rolled out this can't be met when you want to use your service.

My tower is, in theory, due for an upgrade during Q3-Q4 2017 but I'm not holding my breath. Even if it does get upgraded I fully expect NBN to let the service degrade. NBN like to say that the Fixed Wireless network doesn't suffer from the peak hour issues that plague mobile telephone networks because they are fully in control of designing a system to cope with a fixed number of users. But NBN are more than happy to oversubscribe towers and let users suffer.