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NBN Fixed Wireless Pricing

In tweaking their plans AussieBroadband released an update on their Fixed Wireless service:

Details: We priced a differential into the 50/20 fixed wireless plans due to fixed wireless being excluded from the proposed bundled cvc models. We have decided to revert ALL 50/20 fixed wireless plans to mirror the 50/20 fixed line plans. This change comes into effect from today and existing customers on these plans will see the new prices flow through automatically on their next bill.

Reasons: We have received some more information around the transition to the bundled cvc model which l can't disclose but that has enabled us to make this change. We have been advocating for Fixed Wireless to be included into the bundled options but at this stage no further progress has been made on that front.

NBN had previously restricted the "NBN Go 50" updates to fixed-line users and with AussieBroadband this meant a surcharge of around $10 per month on Fixed Wireless plans. But this news is definitely hopeful and fingers crossed we'll see the Fixed Wireless network officially included in the promotion.