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Creative Infra CDROM

Sometime in the late 90's, perhaps 1998 or 1999, Bryn and I went to Rectron to purchase a Creative Infra CDROM. I think it was a 52x unit and it had a remote control.

We were in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs and Rectron was out near Milnerton. Neither of us drove (or had licenses) so had to make use of public transport to get there. That involved a train from Fish Hoek to Cape Town.

From there it was an "unofficial" taxi to get us somewhere nearby. That part of the trip was scary as neither of us had used one before and we didn't know how it all worked.

We eventually made it, although there was a very long walk involved. Quite how we found the place is something else what with no GPS or such.

But we got the drives and they were quite cool. I remember writing a Visual Basic application to override the remote control commands. I wanted the Play, Pause and Skip buttons to control WinAmp. I can't quite remember how I did it. I think there was something about listening for certain events. But I got it working!