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Samsung Australia Trade-Up Issues

For the last few days I've been trying to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE mobile phone. They've got a great deal on at the moment where a trade-in/up will nett you a bonus A$300.

The only hiccup with this is that you can't actually use the trade-up code.

The support agents on the online store chat haven't been able to help, and keep telling you to try again in a few hours. Days later nothing has changed.

After some digging it turns out that up until the 19th November 2020 Brightstar processed the trade-ins for Samsung. They were responsible for the app and the codes it generated. By the looks of it the codes were all numeric.

Since then a company call Asurion has taken over. You can verify this as the App Store / Play Store listing shows their name. The codes we're now receiving are alphanumeric, containing letters and numbers.

Unfortunately the Samsung site is expecting numeric codes (from Brightstar), and doesn't appear to accept the new alphanumeric ones from Asurion.

I've tried my best to contact various Samsung numbers to make them aware of this. I do have a ticket number, 8211 596 101, but I'm not sure if that'll get anywhere.

This post is there to help get the details across to @SamsungAU.