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FXP - File eXchange Protocol

It was the late 90's, around 1997 or 1998, where being online meant you were connected via dialup. 56k if you were super lucky. We'd usually be on IRC trying to get FTP access to download sites. But, when you did get access, it would take ages to download what you wanted.

Enter FXP which allowed you to have one FTP server upload directly to another. At the time iAfrica operated anonymous-access FTP servers that were capable of FXP. To speed up our downloads we'd FXP the files from the generally US-based servers directly to our ISP. The transfer speeds were quite something for the day.

Then, with the transfer done, we were able to pull the files down from the ISP FTP server. That was far quicker and more reliable. I've no doubt that it was Bryn who found out about this and got us using it.