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Setting up Docker for My Opal

Over the weekend I set aside some time to configure My Opal to work within a Docker container. I initially followed along with the update over at

The Best Practices Around Production Ready Web Apps with Docker Compose is filled with useful tidbits, especially around the use of environment variables and using a production mindset for defaults. I think that I will heed the advice over at Why I Prefer Running nginx on My Docker Host Instead of in a Container and go with a similar set up too.

In order to run composer as a non-root user I followed Running a Docker container as a non-root user. I also came across an example of using a Makefile to run Docker commands. At the moment I have a bash script for various commands, but this looks interesting too.

Along the way I had to deal with a case sensitive issue with Git. I think I have it sorted after following I think I introduced the case issue when developing on Windows.