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Using Docker on an Oracle Cloud Arm instance

Following on from Setting up Docker for My Opal I was ready to test it out on my Arm instance at Oracle.

The first issue I encountered was the 'compose' is not a docker command error when trying to run docker compose up --build. It turns out that on Docker on Windows 10 within WSL2 uses Compose v2 and is included by default on macOS and Windows. On Linux you need to head on over to to install it. I grabbed the docker-compose-linux-arm64 release and saved it to $HOME/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose. After that docker compose up --build worked with issue.

Following if you need to install v1 of docker-compose.

If you are going to be using Docker as a non-root user follow these post installation steps. This should resolve an error message about your user not being able to connect to the Docker daemon.

There are some firewall issues that I still need to look into via: