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Travel Check for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Travel Check

You swipe your Oyster card ... the reader flashes red. Doh! Grumpy commuters flash dirty looks and push past you ... how embarrassing!

If only you'd known your balance was too low.

Introducing Travel Check - the iPhone app that checks your Oyster balance and journey history. With Travel Check you can keep an eye on:

With Travel Check you can see exactly where and when your card was used (this is also a useful feature for those party animals who can't remember how they got home last night!)

As a pre-paid user, you'll be familiar with wondering where all your money went. Well now you need wonder no more ... with Travel Check you can see exactly how much you paid to get from Piccadilly to Victoria.

Travel Check - Available on the AppStore

As with all applications errors do occasionally crop up - so if you've got any problems please email me,, and I'll make sure your issue gets resolved!