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Go Daddy

Go Daddy Domain Registrar Logo Go Daddy is the name of domain registrar and web-hosting company. Whilst they have some aggressive marketing tactics they do have amazing prices on domain names. Guess that comes with the turf when you are the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world.

For some weird reason their renewal systems allow you to consolidate the renewal date of an expired domain. Unfortunately they're quite happy to take your money and actually not update the domain! So I had to call up their billing them this morning ( 02:30AM their time ) and was really impressed with the service I received.

The advisor immediately saw the problem, initiated a refund and offered to renew the domain right there and then on the phone. Emails poured in confirming all of the actions while on the phone. Way to go!

As a mental note right now Go Daddy handle the following domains for me:

Department Contact Hours
Billing 00 1 480 505 8855 24x7
Technical Support 00 1 480 505 8877 24x7