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XMPP4R - Using Ruby to send Jabber messages

Logging, as I've recently found out, is critically important. Well yes I've always know that but I had this odd case where my custom CMS that powers this site was falling over when generating RSS feeds. The error_log file in the application root was being populated but well unless you're looking for errors you don't often check that.

Unfortunately I've not come across a working XMPP client for PHP (XMPPHP was erroring out) so Ruby to the rescue. Here's some sample code to send a message. I'll look at integrating this at some point during the holidays so that I can get critical events directed straight through to me. This would be quite a handy scenario especially now that I've got Trillian for the iPhone almost along with it's glorious push notifications!

    require 'xmpp4r'
    include Jabber

    jid = JID::new( '' );
    password = '-'
    cl = Client::new(jid)
    cl.connect( '' )
    cl.auth( password )

    to = ''
    subject = 'XMPP4R test'
    body = 'Hi, this is a XMPP4R test'
    m = Message::new( to, body ).set_type(:chat).set_id('1').set_subject(subject)
    cl.send m

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