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Look, up there in the sky!!!!

Almost could not believe what I say today - got up and messed around the house for 1/2 an hour and then went outside to get the post. Thats when it happened.

I felt this (slight) bit of warmth on my body and after looking up I saw that the sun was out in the sky - shining all nice and brightly. Does this mean that winter is almost over?

Too think that when I left Cape Town (South Africa) both myself and Andy were saying how we could not wait for the winter. Well not that the winter was not fun (the snow last week was brilliant!), but I've now decided that I do much rather prefer the sun and hot weather. We're allowed to change our minds right?

Got to go to "The Link" today to get some vouchers which they owe Andy for his insurance claim for his phone. Then might do a little shopping around at Dixons for some more XBox games and a multi-point power adapter. Otherwise not much.

Spent the morning cleaning up and then getting stamps and bus saver tickets. Had Andy over for lunch and then I've been reading up on the Atom API. Quite interesting, its a way for you to programmatically view/update blogs. Time for me to write a client that works on PPC and Windows (good old .NET).