I’m : a web and mobile developer based in the Australia.

The "offer"

Okay well the HR lady dropped off a letter for me today (the offer).

As you can imagine I was awfully excited and could not wait to open it.

... but there was a nasty surprise waiting underneath. I was hoping for at least GBP18,000 but the offered GBP16,225 (including an outer London allowance).

Don't get me wrong, as it is indeed an improvement over the GBP13,768 that I am getting now. (It's an extra GBP2,457 than what I am getting now).

As part of the redundancy package, we get a 4 week trial upon taking up a new position within the company.

So I can try it out and "feel the water" and take it from there. None of the redundancy payout will be lost (GBP1,500) so I really have nothing to loose.

At least I will be in an IT role - which is much better than temping. Will be brilliant to be in a job that does not require a headset :-)