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Hampton Court Palace

Thank you London for these great "2 for 1" offers on attractions. I must say that I would probably not have gone if it was not for that.

So Andy and myself set off to go and see Hampton Court Palace today. He had already been in February last year when he was staying with his mom, but he raved about it and I wanted to see what it was like.

Train ride there was quite easy, went from Purley to East Croydon to Clapham Junction and then 1 minute after arriving there was a train destined direct to Hampton Court. Had one of the newer trains with the great clean cushy seats and displays in the coach to show what the next stop is. Kind of felt like being in the Eurostar.

Wow the palace is amazing, you only get to see such a small portion of it, but that alone took us 4 hours. When you get there you can get a headset and cd player for free (on loan of course) that gives you an audio tour of the place. Trust my luck ... I had issues with mine and it kept on popping up with "Fault!" and eventually the battery died!

Nice to see such high ceilings again, so at least the British did once up a time know how to build things properly. There were some tapestries in there from around 14C, and it was amazing to see how the people lived back then. Definitely a recommended visit.

Best part was the maze that is inside the vast garden. Popped in and before I knew it we were totally lost. All those little twists and turns definitely add up! But 10 minutes later I managed to find our way out :-) Apparently I was quite a bit faster compared to when Andy and his mom were lost in there!

Did get some pictures, but you're not allowed to take any inside so I had to sneak a few with my Cellphone. As soon as I figure out how to add pics I will put some up.