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Had to go out to the Whitgift Shopping Mall in Croydon this afternoon to get some presents for the people back in SA.

It really sucks not knowing this mail inside-out as I get lost waaaaay to often - ah how I long for the poshness of Cavendish Square hey? Shopping Malls and movie houses are one thing that this country really needs to get to grips with. (Hint: not everyone likes a High Street).

Got stuff for my Mom, Dad and Sister at The Gadget Shop so they're sorted now. The rest of the presents came from some cool little shop tucked away on the top floor of the mall. Oh yeah and got tons of sweets for Andy's brother and then for my sister as well (Hmmm I guess that now is not the time to wonder about wether or not she is eating them hehe).

We bought ourselves a little "grow your own bonsai" kit which actually gives off little flowers. Shall definitely give that one a grow once we get back from holiday.

There were so many cool things that I wanted to bring back, but the lack of luggage space is a definite problem. So maybe next time folks!