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Movin' on up

Remember that letter that I got from NatWest on Friday last week? Well I decided that I am not going to stand for their stupid excuses, so will move the complaint up along to their Customer Relations department.

Actually thats where it needs to go, as Andy's complaint (same as mine) was dealt with by them and not the branch - and they organised for his fees to be refunded.

So I will post that off today and we shall just have to wait and see what happens. Will have to see whats waiting for me in the post when we return from holiday (holding thumbs!).

Branches are stupid and just want to make you take the most expensive account to get their quota filled. Just a bunch of sales people that pretend to know about their product.

Hmmm then I am still waiting for RBS to respond. I sent a letter addressed to the manager of the Croydon branch around 1 1/2 weeks ago - but as of today there has still been no response. One can see that these two companies are related!

Only reason that I want the Royalties Gold is for the travel insurance. A standard annual policy for 2 people is well over GBP160 so the GBP10 a month is definitely worth it.

Back to the deadness of work now!