I’m : a web and mobile developer based in the Australia.


Found a free MP3 player for series 60 phones called ReadM. Its first use is as an eBook reader, but plays mp3's just as well. Only came across it by chance by its a darn handy toy.

Got Andrew to move heavy boxes so that I could unearth a handsfree that works for my phone. Seems that for some reason the phone is very picky and won't take just any headset.

Now with a 128MB card in the phone I would be able to listen to mp3's no problem. It would appear that the 3650 has some firmware bug in it that causes the speaker to play music even while the headset is plugged in.

After doing a little research it turns out that a quick (haha) solution to this is to put the headset in very slowly. Once it's completely in the sound will only come out of the earpiece. Why Nokia why?

I've also installed miniGPS so will setup all the "cells" that correspond to the office and then have a event that changes the profile to "Work" when I enter. Another is setup for Home to change the profile to General so there won't be any excuse for missing any calls :P

Put ActiveDesk on as well, so now there is some form of a Today like screen. Now all I need to do is to get more memory for the phone so that I can have mp3s on there. Actually what I might do would be to get a 256MB card for the Dell Axim and then just pop the 128MB MMC card (which is currently in the Axim) in the 3650. I've also decided that a card reader is a must as transferring things over bluetooth would be way too slow.