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Plymouth Trip

I had to pop down to the Plymouth offices on Monday to meet the e2 (E squared) team.

The whole purpose was to see what work the Service Desk could take over from them.

Turns out that we're going to be getting loads and loads of calls, and 99% of the time we are going to need to run a SQL script to force a logout of the user. So I'm going to have to get everyone else trained on that or I'll never have more than 5 minutes to do anything.

The trip down was very nice if not long. Had delays on the tube due to a signal failure, and then another delay this time of 45 minutes on the train due to signal failures in the Reading / Newbury area.

Went through some stunning countryside though, so much better than being in London. Can someone tell me again why we live in big grotty cities?

Spent then night at the Premier Lodge in Plymouth. I certainly did not know what to expect - had been told that it was basic and comfortable ... So that could have meant anything.

But I was pleasantly surprised, had a lovely room with a king size bed and a great en-suite. So much better than the Belvedere in Bournemouth.

So I would definitely recommend it, food is extra but we had a B A R EST (Bar & Restaurant) onsite.

They served the most amazing food, with great presentation and taste.

On the way back now - should be arriving in London Paddington Station at 14h17. Then I have the pleasure of using the Underground. Yay.

Time to do more emails .... @li