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Was a little let down this morning when the receptionist came along and dropped off the post in the usual spot - normally they came and give items to you straight away if it has your name on it. So I scurried over to have a look but alas there was nothing for moi :(

But then a little later she popped around again with THREE things! Signed for it all then then ripped them open. One is a LP for Andy I think (left that one closed). First one was my webcam!!!!! Its so small and dinky but seems to work okay on the office PC here. Need to get home NOW to play with it. Its got these funky light type things on the outside for the Infra red bits but no idea how they will work. Today is going to draaaag along :-)

The other one was the binoculars that we won as well. Shall give them a try today :-)