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Music to my ears

Well I've finally gotten the next two Bump CD's in my collection now thanks to Bryn! Got him to purchase it a while ago and he's MP3'd (well Ogg it would seem) it up and FTP'd it up over to me. So now I just need to pick up the real CD's at some stage :-)

The FTP bit was the biggest pain as the router was blocking all the ports that I needed. Eventually got it right after a few tries, but the really odd thing is that I can only get it working on Andy's PC even though we both have static IP's. I've now learnt that FTP is no fun anymore and really need a BSD box so that I can offer SSH access. Hmmmmm.

I'm still in two minds as to what to do about the router. When I got up this morning none of the PC's were able to access the Wireless LAN. It was visible when viewing the available networks but nothing would connect at all and the only way to resolve that was to reboot the router. Yes think it is time to send it off - along with the network card as well perhaps. (Seeing as it constantly has 8% or more packet loss).

Well it's time for bed!

Nite nite, @li