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Email messup - revisted

Nothing ever seems to run smoothly! Woke up this morning to find that I could not download our email from as Outlook kept on prompting me for the username and/or password. (Mental note Microsoft, please get Outlook to let us know the error that the server gave!).

Seeing as the details were indeed correct I logged on via and found that the account had been suspended. My fault, had not logged into the system via dialup in 3 months and in line with their policies (which I found out today) the account was locked.

Now my email was working (mostly) fine as as I had been using my new pop3 account for all mail directed to but Andy's mail was all being forwarded to our wanadoo pop3 account. So he had no mail.

Logged onto my host, created a pop3 account for Andy and then went over to media3 (the current hosting company for and got them to forward mail to the new pop3 account. Test mails to 0gravity were getting through to Andy but mail to moonwalking was going nowhere (no errors at all).

Turns out that the issue is that media3 is still hosting 0gravity even though I have moved away from them so even though there is a whole new host for 0gravity media3 still see it as theres and just did a local forward as follows -> 0gravity -> wanadoo ! So we still had the exact same issue - no email for :(

Was about the phone Wanadoo on their 50p/minute line to get the account re-actived, but a bit of searching on their website and I found an online tool to do it. So everything is now working and I'll move Andy over to the new host soon.

Really need to get my head around all the weird forwarding that I do! Never have a single point of failure ... And I would like Outlook to tell me the server error as it was saying "Account Disabled"