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Vodafone GRPS, WAP and MMS

Another "note to self" for if I need to get GRPS, WAP and MMS working on my SPV C500 again (or any other phone for that matter). Unfortunately I cannot use the Vodafone website to download the settings to my handset as it's not listed as one of the "supported" devices for automatic configuration. So here goes

GRPS Start -> Settings -> More ... ->Data Connections Menu -> Edit Connections -> GPRS Connections

Connects To : The Internet Access Point : internet User name : web Password : web Leave the DNS and IP blank

That one is for a GPRS connection that will get us onto the Internet but now we also need one for WAP access that we will use for sending MMS's. So create a new one as follows:

Connects To : WAP Network Access Point : User name : wap Password : wap Leave the DNS and IP blank

MMS Start -> Messaging -> Media Messages Menu -> Options -> Account Setup -> Media Messages Menu -> Edit Connections Menu -> Add

Description: Vodafone MMS MMSC address : Data Connection : WAP Network Gateway : WAP 1.0 Gateway IP Address : Port : 9201

And with that I can now send MMS messages and get onto the Internet :-)