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Palm vs Windows Mobile

It seems Mike moved away from the Audiovox SMT5600 to a Treo 650 which he at first adored as it had a keyboard and syncing via Microsoft Exchange worked well. So what more could one ask for?

Well it seems that the operating system and software feel a little outdated. Something that I would probably have to agree with. Actually maybe that's just a geeks version of it as the PalmOS has always been good at *fast* data access and that sometimes results in a no frills implementation of things.

But maybe he should consider the HTC Universal as that has a keyboard and runs Windows Mobile. There are some nice pictures over here. This reminds me of the Motorola MPx that I wanted but was discontinued a while back.

Bryn has the Nokia 9500 which he really likes (aside from the fact that it's rather buggy) but those devices still seem to be a bit large - not something that you can just put in your jeans pocket and go away without noticing it. But if you're on the move all the time and don't want to have a PDA and smartphone with you then this might just be it.