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iBook Ordered

Placed my order at this morning for a 12" iBook with 512MB of RAM. Unfortunately since I live in a 3rd world country (sigh well it feels that way at times) they don't even have an official online Apple Store here. So there was no option to even add bluetooth onto the device. But that not be too much of an issue as I do have a USB dongle that I could use. But it would have been nice to have everything built in.

I phoned ZAStore this afternoon and they've received everything and said that I should receive my order this Thursday or Friday by the latest. So that means that I will have a weekend full of tinkering around with my new toy. I want to move over to Apple Mail for email but am not sure how to get my work Outlook PST file converted across. Can see a lot of googling going on :)

Other applications that I need to find replacements for include:

But it should be fun!