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Feeling a little annoyed with the state of Apple Computers and South Africa. You see Apple don't really have a proper presence here and as such everything needs to be done through Apple certified dealers.

Which is fine I guess but you do get the impression as if we are one of the last places to get anything.  So the new iBook has been released and tells us all about it - but we don't have a "real" Apple Store so we need to use to buy our stuff.  Only problem being that they've not even listed the new product there.

Then there's the new Mighty Mouse ... nope not there either but definitely advertised on the Apple South Africa website.  Sigh.

In most other parts of the world when you order an iBook you can opt to have Bluetooth installed as well (for an extra fee of course) but not so in this country ... why is that?

So now I guess we will have to wait for zastore to sell through all of their "old" iBooks before the new ones come out.  The state of Apple in South Africa really sucks.