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Google Analytics Now Free

A while back google purchased a company called Urchin who were quite probably the leaders in their field. So what was their field you might ask ... well that was the buzzword of "MI" or Management Information for your website.

Using their systems/software you could generate brilliant reports giving you in depth views on your site visitors, what they did, who they are, etc... Now google has finally finished their integration and unleashed google analytics onto the web - for free!

Now you've got no excuse for not knowing you visits your site. To register you will need a google passport account which is quick and easy to sign up for. Just insert some code in the HEAD section of your website and you'll be off. If you've got an active AdWords account with google then you won't fall foul of the 5 million page load limit on the free version. All the more reason to start some Search Engine Optimisation now! I mean you'll have the stats to back it up :)

Will be trying this on my technology blog today.