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It's amazing how many South Africans have decided to live around Wimbledon with 1 in every 3 people living there being from back home you're essentially at home too!

The reason I was in Wimbledon was because I thought it was time to try a different route into London. At the moment I am going from Sutton to Victoria and from there catching the tube, via the District line, into Hammersmith.

Unfortunately Victoria is within Zone 1 meaning that it's ultra busy as well as being a bit more pricey (especially since I am only using Zone 1 to get into Zone 2).

So my new trip entails going from Sutton to Wimbledon (via National Rail) and then catching the District line to Earl's Court and from there catching a west-bound District line tube to Hammersmith. A much quieter trip and a little bit quicker too (was in the office an hour after leaving home!).

The true test will be in getting home this evening but it should be simple enough. Oh and aside from being quicker I will be saving GBP16 a week by not going via Victoria. So skipping out this central zone is definitely beneficial.