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Congestion on NBN Fixed Wireless

I've tried two RSPs and experience slow speeds during peak hour with both providers. NBN has replaced the Wireless NTD and Outdoor Unit all of which have not helped one bit.

I did manage to get the following reply from one RSP. With one breath NBN confirm that there are issues and won't do anything about it but in another say everything is perfectly fine.

NBN has put a lot of effort into making the months long troubleshooting exceptionally difficult. I've spoken to neighbours who are experiencing similar issues. Heck even the NBN tech who was here said he has attended multiple cases like mine and replacing hardware (WNTD and ODU) which doesn't help.

So while NBN bang on about their world-class Fixed Wireless network the reality is something different. It's world-class when there aren't many users but as soon as you load that up you're lucky to get 5Mbps at all.

"Hi team. Our tier 2 network team investigated this incident and no speed related faults were found within the NBN Wireless Access Network. The serving cell is provisioned with 75 AVC users. We are seeing the cell traffic below 95% utilisation at various peak periods.

The cell which this user is connected to experiences high utilisation during busy periods. This means the speed of this service is likely to be reduced particularly in the evening with more people online. This site is currently not flagged for upgrade however NBN monitors for sites that require capacity expansion and we aim to upgrade site capacity before congestions occurs.

However sometimes demand exceeds expectation resulting in a site becoming congested.

CVC utilisation for download bandwidth is reaching approximately 100% capacity at peak periods.

This incident has now been resolved"